Welcome to the Wingnut.Ca

My daughter Erin gave me this site last August for my birthday and I finally have got my act together to get some more material to this location.

Jennifer Lee is the designer brains behind the site and she has set up graphics which will make viewing easier, quicker and I hope more interesting.

The main thrust is towards a place where one can see the military wings of various countries that were issued down through the years. Not all of it will be completed in my time as the history is an on going task. There is not much written information for various reasons, most of all because there were wars going on and secondly not many thought there would be interest in the collecting of these items.

I hope that we can stir an interest with museum curators and collectors to add to the site with scans of their items and pertinent history. All donated material will receive full credit and copyright mention if the sender so desires. Everything we are show is original to the best of our knowledge and we will not accept any copies or reproductions.

There are sites developed by friends that I would recommend first and others can be found on the links. You will also find that researching sites for information can be a bit frustrating but don't blame the owners. Research is difficult. Most of it means sitting down and going through old records which takes a lot of time in many countries. In some cases a whole lifetime and I might add, a lot of expense.

Most of us will concentrate on a time frame or a group of countries so the chance of hitting one site that gives you everything is a wish for all of us.

If you are a collector or curator there is a problem with reproductions and there are two schools of thought on this subject. One is tell everything about an item and hope the forger does not see your site. The second is to show the front of the badge and not give anyone to much to go on. Frankly, I am of the second school. There are far too many copies out on the market today and if you know your stuff you won't be fooled, at least most of the time. Have a look at the section "On Collecting" and you will see what I mean.

There are good books out in the market place which I will recommend when we are up and running and if there are new ones coming out let me know.